Oh my knee

C2C4K CA.2.115mi

Leaving Bodega Bay arriving in Salt Point State Park

After a long first day and an injury, day two followed up with a much shorter ride of about 35 miles.  We got a late start this morning after getting into camp so late.  By some chance a physical therapist encountered us on the road in camp stretching out.  She immediately came to my rescue, informing me that my knee was fine, I just pulled the lower portion of my quad muscle.  She said constantly stretching and rolling it, ice and heat and a good amount a rest and I would get better.  Well I took half of that advice.

Riding up route 1 is absolutely spectacular, from the coastal views to the golden farm lands.  We most certainly hit our fair share of decent hills, but the killer is the head wind.  It’s constant and lacks forgiveness.  You know you’re in trouble when you have to pedal downhill and you can only push with one leg.  Camp the second night was much more relaxing than the first.  We got in with sunlight, set up our hammocks and relaxed a bit before making dinner, doing some stretching and going to sleep. 

We’ve been cooking our breakfast and dinners along with prepping our lunches.  It’s been enjoyable so far but will see how we continue to feel about the extra weight.

I caught this little guy trying to eat the almonds out of my feed bag!

I caught this little guy trying to eat the almonds out of my feed bag!

Miss you Muppet,