Let's Ride!

C2C4K CA.1.81mi

So I’ve had numerous people tell me already I did a poor job of creating my own calendar so were going to try again.  The above starts with C2C4K, meaning Coast2Coast4Kelly and is followed by the state I am in,then  list total days into the trip and then total miles traveled.  That should hopefully be simpler.

We had breakfast this morning with Eric Hardy and Bobby Ladue before heading out around 9 o’clock, after some fussing around for a place to mail some stuff we then stopped at a sports store as Ryan forgot his helmet on the east coast and it seemed like that was a necessity for the trip.  From there we headed WEST to the ocean where we dragged our bikes and all our gear onto the beach and dipped our back tires in the ocean.  Well that was the plan at least but Erik ended up dipping more than his bike.  Great way to start, wet and with sand in everything.

We headed out over the Golden Gate Bridge leaving behind San Francisco physically, but tethering the emotional ties to work and life.  The early goings, through towns and relatively populated areas were nice, but the towns grew further apart as we made our way to route 1.  The day wasn’t as smooth as one could hope for though, around mile 65 I developed a pain in my left knee.  Whether from just riding too much or from the clips on my new petals being too tight, It grew to the point where I could only pedal with my right leg.  So we made it to camp pretty late, well after the sunset and had to cook and setup in the dark.  We were fried and it was clear we had bit off more than we could chew day one, but we got it done none the less.

I slept fairly decent, with Erik’s snoring only waking me up once.