Getting ready

C2C4K 0.LA.5.5/ 0.SF.6.6

Bobby Ladue!!!

Bobby Ladue!!!

Yesterday I left L.A. around noon to fly back to San Francisco.  I got up early, made a trip to Starbucks, got some stuff done, had lunch with Connor and hit the runway.  

I landed in San Francisco, grabbed an Uber pool, it really is the best way to get around out here, and took off to get Erik and head to the bike shop.  My Uber pool partner was a woman named Sarah who was visiting from Boston, she is there at Harvard doing research on media and the internet.  She is originally from Zurich and still calls Switzerland home.  I love meeting people and learning parts of who they are, even if brief.  Sarah had just been backing for two weeks throughout many of California’s state and national parks.

So last night, myself, Erik and our friends Bobby, Eric and Leana went to the Yard, right near the S.F. Giants ball park, had dinner and some beers, then we went out and had more beers.  The short of it is I ended up playing pool for 2 hours with a gentleman named Abraham, he wasn’t very good and I wasn’t under full calibration, but somehow we managed to pull out more than a few wins.

There isn’t much more to add.  Our bikes were ready and look to be in good shape.  I did find a Revelate frame bag! I ended up picking up two more small Revelate bags so I can have my camera more accessible on the bike and a seat cover at a local bike shape.  I’ve been trying to hunt down one of those frame bags for at least 4 weeks.  Everywhere online was backordered, it will be nice to not have to go into my paniers every time I need something.

Today I fight a “light” hangover and start packing for liftoff tomorrow!  In two weeks will hopefully be in Portland and I’m excited to see an old college friend, Sarah, when we get there.  I’m off to go get food with Erik and a few last things and Ryan should be arriving in a few hours.

Next time you hear from me it will be C2C4K 1.SF.1.7!!!

Miss you Muppet,


Erik, Eric Hardy and Leana Lai

Erik, Eric Hardy and Leana Lai