BREWING - C2C4K 0.LA.4.4

Writing everyday just me be overly taxing, but here is to recapping day 4.

I really don’t want to like L.A.  I’m an upstate boy at heart, four seasons, green shit, space, cleanliness, and just enough diversity to make you feel good about yourself but not uncomfortable. When you’re from upstate and you think of L.A. you think of movie stars, studios, agencies, and life dictated by fame and fortune. But people are people, and the people I’ve met here so far have been great.  Like any city, any population, its faces it challenges, but there are clearly people here trying to make an impact.  While small, the fundraiser we went to on Thursday night for Big Citizen Hub - was great and their executive director, Mario Fedelin, is one of those people you meet, even if briefly, and know his heart is way too big. They are on to something though and I suggest you check out their organization. 

So Friday was spent primarily at Indie Brewing Company.  I got to follow Jason, their head brewer, from start to finish, as he made their signature saison brew.  It was a great first time to watch an all grain brew and to learn a lot more about the science and equipment needed to perfect your consistency.  I can’t thank him enough for the time and I know that Indie Brewing Company is in good hands under his headbrewership, I think I just made up a word : ).

So I wrote down as much as possible along with getting some other breweries to visit as I make my way back to San Francisco, eventually to Portland and then to Seattle.

There isn’t much more to say today other than thanks to Connor and Amanda for their hospitality!  It’s been a great two days and a good start before the start of the bike ride.

Miss you Muppet