SF to LA - C2C4K 0.LA.3.3

C2C4K 0.LA.3.3

Getting up at 5:30 is easy when you’re still on NY time and it feels more like 8:30.  Today will be day one spent with the boys at Indie Brewing Company.  They’ve graciously taken me in for 2 ½ days to “help” while educating me on all things commercial brewing.  It’s been a good amount of time going over equipment and watching a small test brew, but as should have been expected, it’s also been a good amount of time catching up with Connor and drinking some beer.  We’re off to a charity event they are providing the beer for and I am looking forward to getting out and meeting a bunch of new faces. I’ll recap the night’s events tomorrow morning.

Last night I had dinner with my San Francisco host, Sean Mills.  Whether it’s him, or my friends Doug and Lally, I always seem to have a home when I come to San Fran and I can’t thank them enough.  I met Sean through Kelly and this is most certainly a shout out to him for all his support to Kel and me.  It’s so easy to see why Kelly called him a friend and I am happy that I believe myself to carry the same title now.  If you know Doug, Lally or Sean, next time you see them, tell them thanks for being awesome.

Before dinner yesterday, I got to the bike shop where Erik and mines bikes are shipping.  At first the gentleman at the shop seemed to have no idea what I was talking about or any record of our previous communication, but I finally got the service manager involved and things were in fact squared away.  First hurdle cleared.  They called later today, the bikes had arrived and had already been put together…sweeeeeeeet. Next to the bike shop was a rock climbing gym.  Convenient and with some time to kill before dinner I headed in and did some bouldering for two hours, because why not?

So tomorrow is Friday, a work day and the last one before heading out on the bike.  So far things at work seemed to be managing ok.  I think a lot of it is just adjusting to a different style of accomplishing what needs to be done, and becoming more and more comfortable relying on those at the office to support me. 

So here is to a great event tonight for a good cause (more to come) and continuing to fall into a new life for the next three months.

Miss you Muppet,