One Legged Peddler

C2C4K CA.3.158

Salt Point State Park to Manchester,

The knee doesn’t feel a whole lot better, but it’s not worse after a decent night sleep.  Will see how my back continues to handle sleeping on a thin air pad on the ground.  We got up and made breakfast again.  The first day we had eggs and oats and were going to do the same this morning with one small change.  Erik would not burn the oats and I was going to add a significant amount of maple syrup to the batch, much better.

The early goings of our ride were fairly smooth, not to many hills, at least nothing that made you get into your lowest gear and crank it for 20 minutes, and a fairly complacent headwind.  We made 20 miles in fairly good time.  We stopped for lunch in Gualala and grabbed some steaks to grill for dinner.  The ride from there was a little rougher, more uphill and the headwind became stronger and stronger.  Getting to the point where we needed to ride in a group, taking turns breaking the wind and trying to go faster than 6 mph while on level terrain.  Everything is still spectacular though and while we will get to Portland past our expected arrival date, I am enjoying the ride, albeit one legged still.

The camp site we planned on staying at in Manchester was closed.  We’ve been staying at state park campsites that cost between $5 and $6 dollars per person for the night.  As luck would have it though there was a KOA site right next to the state park one.  With a really nice camper kitchen, free showers and coined laundry, for $10 dollars a person it was totally worth the splurge. 

We met a gent named Ian, originally from England and living in Vancouver, who was making the trip from Canada to Mexico.  Traveling light, eating out mostly, but camping wherever he made it too, it was fun talking with him and hanging by a nice fire we made at night.  We had a few IPA’s we picked up at the store in town before camp and had our first night of really pigging out.

Miss you Muppet,