Why not?

C2C4K OR.16.842

Lincoln City to Portland

This morning started with me giving our friends at camp the slip and heading to Starbucks to get some work done before heading out for what was supposed to be around a 65 mile day.  Ryan wasn’t as lucky with our camp friends and had to think quickly to get out of giving them my phone number.

After some coffee, food and work we started the trek north to Tillamook, but after a few miles when we passed a sign at the junction of route 18 that said Portland 87 miles I spoke out and said “lets just go to Portland”.  Ryan, who was on the lead took this as my vote on the matter, and since we operate as a democracy, hung a right and said “Portland it is”.

Portland it was.  The day got hot fast as we headed in land and the scenery changed quickly.  It was a ride with little elevation change, at least compared to what we were used to.  We made good progress all the way to Newport, riding slow and taking water and sunscreen breaks every hour.  The city traffic slowed us down a lot though and the last 15 miles took a long time.  The whole ride culminated in a 1.5 mile climb over Portland south west side, not a fun way to end the day, but the downhill after made it totally worth it! 

We were able to grab a warm showers with a guy name Brian.  Super nice and totally awesome for taking us last minute.  It was Tuesday also, so after dropping our stuff we headed out for our Taco Tuesday ritual, I fell asleep at the restaurant while Erik went back for seconds. We brought Brian a taco back and piled up on the floor in his kitchen area.  We had to sleep in opposite directions to fit all three of us in the space, but it was a roof over our heads.

A long day but a great one, my groin is not happy with me, but here is to four rest days instead of three now.

Miss you Muppet