Lincoln City

C2C4K OR.15.749

Wakonda to Lincoln City

We road over 50 miles today, but it was a relatively boring day.  Some of the scenery was pristine as we have grown accustomed too, and Oregon has some very interesting sections of lush green, deep blue water and large sand dunes that people surf or ATV on.

We stopped in Depoe Bay for lunch and met a man outside the Chowder Bowl who wanted to hear about our trip.  He had many stories of his own and I still enjoy these moments very much.

We moved pretty quickly to Lincoln City so that I could get to a Starbucks and catch up on some work.  We stayed at Devils Beach State park, but not before getting a little lost and taking a decent length detour around the lake that resulted in a nice little climb on the way back.

The most interesting part of this day was probably the two gentlemen who were at camp with us.  Let’s leave it at it not being the most comfortable situation, and if I run into you I’ll give you more the details in person. It was reminder though of the importance that the three of us stick together.

My groin was about the same today, but doesn't seem to be any worse, definitely looking forward to our first zero day at soon.

Miss you Muppet