Some days are just standard

C2C4K OR.13.632

Bollards Beach to Tugman state park.

We got a later start to the day. Hammock camping was great, and I woke up fresh, but most of our clothes were still wet from sink laundry the night before and today’s destination is only 42 miles from current camp.

I think Monkey needs a wash soon.

 We left after noon and got to coos bay.  Given the short day it was a good time to catch up on work and blogging.  We started at McDonald’s but they didn’t have any plugs, I looked up breweries in the area and found Seven Devils. The spot was perfect, I got a few beers in me and around 5:30pm we left for Tugman.  We averaged over 17 mph on the way there, and got to camp well before dark and made some poor man’s pad thai for dinner.  Lee had told us Tugman was much nicer than Bollards, it wasn’t.  It’s a much wooded camp site, so Erik chose to hammock camp again, but I went with the tent. When it started raining at 4:30 in the morning, it was good that I had set up the tent.