People, Wind, HotDogs and Bollards Beach

C2C4K OR.12.590

Cape Sebastian to Bollards Beach

We left Cynthia’s fairly early and headed downhill into Gold’s Beach, where we ate Breakfast at Double D’s with Dedee and Barb.  We all had large meals and lots of coffee. We, as usual, ended up talking with many people at the restaurant, Including John and his wife, who were traveling the coast and Des, a man from Ireland who has been living just outside NYC since 1972.  He is currently riding his motorcycle to the four corners of the continuous states. So from Maine to Key West to Southern California to northern Washington, then home. After chatting for a while, we needed to get some supplies where we then ran into Paulo, a Venezuelan riding his motorcycle around the country. 

The early part of the ride was relatively smooth and easy going, until we hit Port Oxford, where every store in town had wind in its name. We stopped for lunch and immediately started dreading the ride out of town. We eventually got it together though and headed out, dead into the wind, which took us over an hour to get out of just the heavy stuff.

Just as the wind started to become manageable, John, who we met at breakfast, past us in his car.  He pulled over, gave us three hotdogs and told us about Langlois market, known for their world famous hotdog specials with homemade mustard. So after about another 30 minutes of riding we stopped at the market, met the owner and Gayle, a great grandmother, who also worked at the store and just happened to be celebrating her birthday.  So we sang happy birthday with her family to her, got ourselves some ice cream and a few supplies and headed out to finish the ride to Bollards Beach state park.

The ride was easier to the park but still windy and when it was all over we had gone 65 miles all while battling a strong to really

Immediately upon entering the campground I could tell I was going to like Oregon. Hiker/Biker sites were only $5 and included free showers and a charging station for your phone.  There were a few amount people camped out there and we hung out with Lee after getting a shower and doing some sink laundry.

Lee was an older gentleman who has spent some serious time on the road on his bike. It might be fair to say he was a child of the 70’s.

We made the decision to hammock camp for the first time, which was good on two fronts, I really hadn’t used my hammock and was thinking of sending it home, and it probably was the best sleep I had gotten on the trip.