Momma Mel's


Wenatchee, WA

Day 29

79 miles

1,050 miles total

We left pretty early to start our climb from Money Creek to the top of Stevens Pass.  This would be my highest elevation and longest climb of the trip.  It took probably close to two hours but I was able to do it unbroken and feeling much better than our climb to the top of Leggett, CA. 

We grabbed some food at the ski resort at the top of the pass then headed down a steep decline, often going well over 40 mph and made our way to Wenatchee, Washington to stay with Mamma Mel, our warm showers host before the night.   About 20 miles before Wenatchee is a town called Leavenworth, where everything is Bavarian themed.  We stopped at the one of the local breweries, Icicle brewing, which we tend to do often, had an IPA…or two and then headed to our destination.

Momma Mel was a remarkable host.  Her son had done a cross country tour also and had been hosted by multiple warm showers host, so she has joined to community in order to pay it forward.  We had homemade guacamole, meatballs, fried squash flowers, among many other things.  We did Laundry got a good night sleep and her friend Rod told us much about the geography we would be biking through over the next few days.

Thanks Momma Mel!!

Thanks Momma Mel!!