Down Day Numero Dos

C2C4K  CA.8.370

Ferndale to Eureka

It’s not 26 miles from Ferndale to Eureka, there are just some extra miles on the odometer currently from running some errands and bouncing around town.  Luckily Erik is keeping meticulous track of actual trip legs.  We decided today that I am going to type up both his and Ryan’s journals with my blogs when I make our book at the end of the trip.  Ahh the ideas we hatch at Starbucks.

So I started this morning up much earlier than the other two.  Packing my camp stuff up and heading back into Ferndale to grab breakfast.  I came across Ferndale Pie Company and Ferndale Omelet Factory.  I went with the Omelet Factory and was not disappointed.  I also found out both places are owned by the same person so I was able to get the pie at the end of breakfast…perfect.  I got some work done and the boys showed up later, had their own breakfast and then we hit the short ride to Eureka. 

Ryan took us up one long steep hill after missing a turn, but otherwise it was a fast, uneventful ride.

Eureka is kind of a dump, maybe a better way to put it is troubled in areas.  Either way we did stay at a holiday inn express (Ryan used some of his rewards points) and we got a bunch of errands done, including me logging some time at Starbucks to do some work and blog a little!  We went to Lost Coast Brewing for beer and dinner, which was great, before heading back to the hotel, much needed after 7 days in a tent, and went to sleep.