Crescent City

C2C4K CA.10.468

Patrick’s Point to Crescent City

We got up, had breakfast and said goodbye to David, Eric, Jimmy, and Frank, and started the 62 mile ride to Crescent City.  Back in Ferndale the 16 year old had told us about a church that lets you stay for free, with full use of their industrial kitchen and couches in their community room, so our goal was to get there for the day.

The ride to Crescent City was wonderful, with great coastal sections and inland portions where we biked by giant redwoods.  In some ways its fascinating how much the scenery almost becomes common place until you come across a bend or to the top of a climb and once again you are in awe. 

This is our last full day in California and the legs/knees are starting to normalize. I’m almost getting to the point where it feels weird to not be on the bike, but I’m not there quite yet.

Half way to Crescent City we stopped for lunch at this little diner off the 101.  We’ve been stopping at little diners along the way and they are great place to meet people, learn about their small town and have a good meal for relatively cheap.  We cook ourselves a lot but it is good to sit down for the occasional meal.

Mr.SockMonkey demanded we stop to see Paul.

Mr.SockMonkey demanded we stop to see Paul.

When we got to the Church, we met Katie, who has been hosting bikers since 2013.  She has had hundreds stay there and we signed one of her many guest books.  We also met a young man named Charlie, just having graduated college, he was taking some time off biking the coast before starting a job.  Charlie and I talked at length about religion and morality. We had some slight differences of opinion, but agreed on much. If you read this Charlie, best of luck to you.  You most certainly impressed me with your maturity and good nature. Continue to live life to the fullest!

Needless to say we made full use of the Church’s kitchen.  Ryan made Checked Curry which tasted awesome, but I only had a bit due to the heavy amount of cream.  I made my own checked fried rice and we fueled up for the ride into Oregon and Gold’s Beach.