Down Day Numero Uno

C2C4K CA.5.218

Cleon to Westport

Today was a rest day, we rode 5 miles back to Fort Brag and hung out at Starbucks for 3 hours.  I got to catch up on some much needed work and more importantly have a Pike Place roast.  My close friends Jerry and Judy gave me a Starbucks gift card before leaving, so I was happy to put it to use for the first time.  I can’t thank them enough for all their support over the last 6 months and will be looking forward to some of Judy’s cooking and hanging with them when I get back. 

So after some catchup on work and some much needed down time we ran a few errands in town, I picked up a stove so we could have two, and then around 2:00pm we headed the 5 miles back to camp, grabbed our gear and headed out the 15 miles for Westport. 

In Westport we stayed almost directly on the beach where Kyle joined us again and a younger man, coming from the north, named Mike, also camped for the night. When the map said primitive, it meant primitive, but at least there was a spigot with fresh water.  The sunset followed by the stars at night, unencumbered by any artificial light, were spectacular.  But it got cold and dewy fast.  I huddled up in the tent and at that point had put the camera away.  No star photos but I'll grab some soon. 

Note to self, do a better job of taking photo's with all the people we meet and writing about it.

Miss you Muppet