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Giving Thanks,

I was reminded once again Friday night of the power of family and friendship.  Of the importance of saying thank you and giving back.  Last night we had our last fundraiser of Ginger Strong’s 2015 Cycle for Survival season.  The Tobey Village House Band played again for free, we actually finished the corn hole tournament, we had a great raffle and silent auction, amazing volunteers, and 330 amazing homemade meatballs by my dad with the help of some very close family friends.  We partied like Kelly would have wanted too and raised a bunch of money again for a great cause.

Our fundraising ends April 1st and I am looking forward to announcing our fundraising total and thanking all our donors and riders this year.  In the last three months so many people have given their time to support this cause in memory of Kelly and it often makes me feel like she is still with us in a way.  We are defined by memories, and Kelly most certainly is still creating them.

After Friday’s event I flew to NYC Saturday to spend the rest of the weekend with some close friends, my brother, sister-in-law and niece.  If you know me, then you know 32 hour trips are common.  It’s always tough to go to and to leave the city.  It was home for Kelly and I, and there are so many memories there.

So I got to spend time brewing beer with my older brother, Justin on Saturday.




I think about how much lays a head in the Ginger Strong venture, how much we have to learn and the challenges we will face.  Knowing that Justin will be there along with some many others though has kept me moving, putting one foot in front of the other.  

It's days like this Saturday that remind you of the strength of people, the importance of relationships and living for others.

I'm excited to taste the two batches we made, to hopefully share them with a large group of friends.  I know this little one has a ways to go before she can have a Ginger Strong beer, but I'm feeling good that when she gets to that age, we can tell her she was there at the beginning, and while she won't be able to meet her Aunt Kelly, she will understand the impact she had.