Headquartered in New York, team Ginger Strong rides in Cycle for Survival events across the country.  You can check out our different teams by city in the secondary navigation!

*Fundraising total since 2014 - $1,100,000.00*

The 2018-2019 season just kicked off and Team Ginger Strong is looking forward to passing the million dollar mark!

Words are powerful.  When we talk about cancer, we use words like: fight, battle, beat, kill.  We are at war with these diseases so these words are fitting. But none are the most important word.  To Kelly and I, the most important word when talking about cancer was SURVIVE.

Surviving cancer is more than just physically beating the disease, its about how you live in the face of it.

Kelly survived cancer in the way that she lived.  The way that she loved and cared for others and her humor and strength while fighting for her life. She couldn't just pretend not to have cancer – cancer did not allow that. But she made a choice. She never let the disease take over mentally and emotionally. In that way, she survived and loved and experienced great things. If she fell short at times, she picked herself back up and remembered to live with joy despite being sick. Cancer ultimately couldn't take that away from her.

Kelly and I flew out to San Francisco in February of 2014 to participate in Cycle for Survival. We learned about it weeks before the events so the bikes were filled in our hometown, NYC. We decided "hey why not take a 32 hour vacation to San Francisco for such an important cause?"  It was a life changing experience. It was empowering. It was a way to fight back.  

Team Ginger Strong has expanded significantly since our first event for Cycle for Survival and even though Kelly is no longer with us, we carry on in memory of her, fighting for those who still need help. 

In our three years of participating in Cycle for Survival we have proudly raised over $1,100,000.00  in memory of Kelly and countless others who are battling rare cancer.  Check out the WHAT YOUR DONATIONS FUND tab at the top of the page to learn more!